Our relationships with clients are foundational to our success. For more than 25 years, we have built our company on trust, personal connections, and long-term partnerships.

We will ask questions. We will take your project personally.  

We will work tirelessly on your behalf.

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For us, buildings are much more than concrete, steel, and glass. Whether an academic center, a research facility, or a residential high-rise, each building is created for the purpose of enriching and improving all of our lives. We are inspired by those purposes and are committed to bringing our experience and skill sets to bear in making an impactful difference. We are resolved to advance the industry by setting a higher standard for how things should be done. That’s why we go Beyond the Build in every job we do.

Driving better value for building owners

Directed by your best interests and project goals, we translate your needs into exceptional results. Taking a disciplined and thorough approach to every detail of every project, we have a proven track record of driving on-time, on-budget project completion.

Maximizing resources for municipal agencies

With deep expertise and industry knowledge, we are driven by long-term relationships. The purpose of your building matters to us; we know that behind every structure are individuals seeking to learn, work, play, or live.

Expertly managing the complexities of the construction industry

With deep backgrounds in construction and engineering, we’ve been on your side of the table and understand your challenges. We facilitate connections among stakeholders for equitable outcomes and are committed to being reliable arbiters and effective partners in our shared goal to create a strong and safe building.

Who we work for

We're known for building great buildings and even better relationships.  When you come to KVA, you get a trusted partner to execute your unique vision.

what our clients are saying

We can tell you we’re accountable and collaborative. We can tell you how our years of experience will translate into solutions that help maximize your resources and stay focused on your business. And we can tell you how our clients trust us to treat their projects like our own.

But, why hear from us when you can hear from our clients themselves?