Client:  Berklee College of Music   Architect:  William Rawn Architects   Construction Manager:  Lee Kennedy Construction Company   Size:  165,000 square-feet   Construction Value:  $74,000,000

Client: Berklee College of Music

Architect: William Rawn Architects

Construction Manager: Lee Kennedy Construction Company

Size: 165,000 square-feet

Construction Value: $74,000,000

Berklee College of Music 

Boston, MA

KVA provided Owner’s Project Management services to Berklee College of Music for the construction of a 16-story residence hall with a food service venue for 500 students and 2 levels of music technology studios. The 36-foot-deep foundation evacuation presented many logistical challenges to support adjacent buildings and underground utilities.

  Client:  Town of Wayland   Architect:  HMFH Architects, Inc.   Construction Manager:  Shawmut Design and Construction   Size:  200,000 square-feet   Construction Value:  $60,300,000

Client: Town of Wayland

Architect: HMFH Architects, Inc.

Construction Manager: Shawmut Design and Construction

Size: 200,000 square-feet

Construction Value: $60,300,000

Wayland High School

Wayland, MA

KVA provided Owner’s Project Management services for the new construction of this 200,000 square-foot high school facility, and renovation of a 46,000 square-foot field house.

  Client:  Town of Duxbury   Architect:  Mount Vernon Group   Construction Manager:  Dimeo Construction Company   Size:  332,105 square-feet   C  onstruction Value:  $109,800,000

Client: Town of Duxbury

Architect: Mount Vernon Group

Construction Manager: Dimeo Construction Company

Size: 332,105 square-feet

Construction Value: $109,800,000

Duxbury Middle / High School

Duxbury, MA 

KVA provided Owner’s Project Management services for this new, co-located Middle and High School. The 332,105 square-foot facility is part of the 65+ acre St. George campus and was built in the area immediately adjacent to the existing Middle School. The new school replaces the existing Duxbury Middle and High Schools and ties into the existing Performing Arts Center.

  Client:  Massachusetts State College Building Authority   Architect:  Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.   Construction Manager:  Dimeo Construction Company   Size:  147,500 square-feet   Construction Value:  $35,000,000

Client: Massachusetts State College Building Authority

Architect: Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.

Construction Manager: Dimeo Construction Company

Size: 147,500 square-feet

Construction Value: $35,000,000

Salem State College Residence Halls

Salem, MA 

KVA provided planning, design, and construction oversight for the new 460-bed Atlantic Residence Hall, as well as the Peabody and Bowditch Hall renovations. On the Atlantic Project, KVA worked with the MSCBA, and pre-qualified a general contractor and subcontractors early in the process, marking a significant departure from the traditional design/bid/building approach.